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Sustentation of creativity

Last week, my eyes catched by one accidently encountered article at the newest resourse of Twitter developers named Medium. (for those who`re interested, the Beta version operating here).

Successful business pattern

Lately, I watched a compelling speech by Simonek Sinek, one of the speakers at TED. Despite his name might sound a little Eastern European like, he is a true representative of American English speaker, who eventually settled in New Jersey after the destiny flung him to travel around the globe (e.g. South Africa, Hong Kong). As a matter of fact though, Sinek is a European, an England talent.

The speech made by Sinek at TED in 2007, which by the way shortly became 7th most viewing perfomance of the platform, is truly worth such a tron because of importance of sent message. The speech conveys simple idea being not simple by all its ramifications. Simon Sinek disclosed a model, a pattern of fruitful business vision which has already been utilized by the most successful companies. Especially, it refers to the marketing policy and the brand positioning.