Successful business pattern

Lately, I watched a compelling speech by Simonek Sinek, one of the speakers at TED. Despite his name might sound a little Eastern European like, he is a true representative of American English speaker, who eventually settled in New Jersey after the destiny flung him to travel around the globe (e.g. South Africa, Hong Kong). As a matter of fact though, Sinek is a European, an England talent.

The speech made by Sinek at TED in 2007, which by the way shortly became 7th most viewing perfomance of the platform, is truly worth such a tron because of importance of sent message. The speech conveys simple idea being not simple by all its ramifications. Simon Sinek disclosed a model, a pattern of fruitful business vision which has already been utilized by the most successful companies. Especially, it refers to the marketing policy and the brand positioning.

In Sinek`s opinion Apple Empire (he took it as an example for number of obvious reasons) is so innovative and successful due to the sequence of delivering key information to the consumers. He discovered that it is a way not only for Apple but other difference-making companies, and named it The Concept of The Golden Circle. Explaining the concept, Sinek exposed that majority of operating companies use a simple message they send to people: information about What we sell and How we sell(still not so popular). A very slight percentage of entrepreneurs know Why they sell what they sell, and this is the explanation why some companies accountable to be one of a kind, while others can`t overcome the thershold.

Apple for instance, has always claimed to be innovative. They doubt "Status Quo" and this is what they tell to the audience on the first place. They are precise in broadening WHY does they exist, for which purpose they do what they do. Profit is not the purpose to Sinek`s mind, it is a result. Regardless of what business you run, you have to have the idea and share it with your consumers and employees, so the last ones would work for you even for free.


All this have a very truthful evidence discovered by researches earlier this century and exposed by Sinek. This is a matter of biology in fact, not even the psychology. People`s brain does have a section not surrendered for any logic and reasonableness. The section that is primarly responsible for the decision making. This part of the brain make us comprehend some information on a deepest level, hence make us want to buy or order something without any stagnancy. This is a reaction on the idea, that we feel like our own and we are ready to share it. Felt like idea is our own, we do not have lot of doubts, we feel it is naturally logical. Why in the God`s name you think there are enormous lines to buy a brand new IPhone? Because people who stay in those lines, feel themselves connected to the Apple`s ideology on being beatiful and innovative. In order to sell, you have to appeal exactly to these tiny places of people's real wants and beliefs.


The full speech is here.